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Veneer & Plywood Machinery
Veneer & Plywood Machinery offered by us are well known for their high output and long working life. Designed by efficient personnel, this array of machines  can be accessed in a number of specifications to meet exact application needs of customers.
Plywood Machinery
This array of plywood machineries deserves praise for its ergonomic appearance, long lasting quality and ease of handling. These user friendly PLC controlled systems have easy to comprehend operating interface. High output and reasonable price are the key aspects of this product range.
Automatic DD Saw
Whether you want to process density board, solid wood or panels made from wood, ABS or PVC, you can always rely on this automatic DD saw for all processing jobs. It is a double dimension saw with a specific cutting length, width and height. 

Bamboo Mat Dryer
Mat or curtain made from bamboo can be quickly dries in a bamboo mat dryer. This drying machine features feeding slide, discharge slide, drying and cooling section. A mat of maximum 8 meter in length can be dried in this dryer.  

Sander Machine
Experience carpentry greatness re-imagined by the Sander Machine. Fastidiously designed for accuracy, its sturdy form easily refines unpleasant surfaces, upgrading each task with faultlessness. Custom fitted with variable speed settings and ergonomic upgrades, it ensures solace and dominance through delayed use.
Special Purpose Machines
Special Purpose Machines stand as custom designing marvels, carefully sharpened to address particular modern requests with unparalleled accuracy and adequacy. They guarantee a constant flow of the best result, in a general sense reshaping producing scenes across areas.
Industrial Cutting Machines
These Industrial Cutting Machines are used in different cutting errands across assorted materials like metals, plastics, and materials. Their powerful development guarantees steadiness and toughness considerably under the most requesting conditions, while cutting edge cutting advances ensure precision and consistency.
Peeling Machine
This Peeling Machine remains as a sign of productivity and accuracy in the domain of food handling and modern assembling. Intended to smooth out the stripping system for organic products, vegetables, and other produce, this wonder of designing flaunts a strong development and state of the art innovation.
Boiler Machine
This Boiler Machine encapsulates dependability and proficiency in modern tasks, filling in as the core of endless cycles across different areas. Made with accuracy designing, this powerful device produces steam or high temp water through the ignition of fills like gaseous petrol, oil, or biomass.
Bamboo Processing Machines
Bamboo Processing Machines are perfect for stripping, parting, and cutting bamboo into wanted sizes and shapes. Progressed drying machines guarantee ideal dampness levels, while bamboo treatment frameworks improve solidness and protection from vermin and rot. They incorporate gear for covering, embellishment, and wrapping up, empowering the making of many items like deck, furniture, and materials.
Resin Plant
We provide high-quality Resin Plant that ensures high productivity in the assembling of different sorts of tars utilized across ventures. Filling in as the core of sap creation, this modern office coordinates state of the art innovation with fastidious designing to guarantee reliable quality and execution.
Pre Press Machine
We offer a high-end Pre Press Machine that is the foundation in the print creation process, establishing the groundwork for quality result in different printing applications. Combining accuracy designing with trend setting innovation, this adaptable machine plans printing materials for ideal outcomes.
Kiln Machine
This Kiln Machine is made with accuracy designing and high level materials. This comprises of a chamber fixed with hard-headed materials fit for enduring high temperatures. This chamber is furnished with warming components, for example, gas burners or electric curls, which create the current expected intensity for the interaction.
Glue Mixer
This high-quality Glue Mixer flawlessly mixes different cement parts to make homogeneous and predictable details. It has a blending chamber outfitted with turning edges or oars. These edges disturb and mix cement fixings, like gums, solvents, and added substances, guaranteeing exhaustive blending and uniform circulation of parts.
Loader and Unloader
This dynamic Loader and Unloader framework is designed for proficiency and accuracy, this team of machines changes the development of merchandise between creation stages with unmatched unwavering quality. It easily stacks materials onto transport lines or beds with accuracy and speed, using progressed sensors and mechanical parts for exact and effective activity.
Cooling Tower
Advanced control system of this Cooling Tower regulates the flow of water and air through the tower. With high-end filtration systems, it removes impurities from the circulating water, ensuring high-durability and reliability of the cooling system.

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