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Jet Veneer Dryer

Jet Veneer Dryer

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Product Description

A simple yet powerful drying machine used in the veneer production industry is known as a jet veneer dryer. This drying equipment dries veneer sheets of different sizes by using a high-velocity jet of air. In comparison to traditional drying techniques, the drying method this kind of dryer uses offers several benefits. It saves drying time through its high-speed drying process, which makes it the right drying machine to enhance production efficiency. The jet installed within the machine distributes the air uniformly across the veneer surface so that there is no moisture left in the veneers.  

Specifications of Jet Veneer Dryer

Country of Origin

Made in India

Heating Resource

Thermic Oil or Steam

Automation Grade



80-90 CBM/Hr.


For Drying of Core Veneer

FAQs of Jet Veneer Dryer

Q: What is a Jet Veneer Dryer?

A: A Jet Veneer Dryer is a specialized machine utilized in the woodworking business to dry veneer sheets. It uses a high-speed air stream to rapidly and productively eliminate dampness from the veneer, guaranteeing a uniform and controlled drying process.

Q: How does a Jet Veneer Dryer work?

A: The Jet Veneer Dryer works by coordinating a strong stream of hot air onto the veneer sheets. This high-speed air assists with evaporating the dampness content in the veneer rapidly. The dryer typically has adjustable parameters, for example, temperature and air speed to modify the drying system according to explicit wood and veneer prerequisites.

Q: Are there any considerations for the type of wood that can be dried using a Jet Veneer Dryer?

A: Jet Veneer Dryers are versatile and can be utilized for a variety of wood types. However, the drying parameters may should be adjusted based on the particular characteristics of the wood being handled.

Q: Can a Jet Veneer Dryer be used for different thicknesses of veneer?

A: Yes, Jet Veneer Dryers are frequently intended to handle varying thicknesses of veneer. Operators can adjust the drying parameters to accommodate various thicknesses for optimal outcomes.

Q: What maintenance is required for a Jet Veneer Dryer?

A: Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. This may incorporate cleaning channels, investigating heating components, and guaranteeing that the airflow frameworks are liberated from deterrents. Keeping the manufacturer's rules for maintenance is suggested.
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